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Meet the Team


BlueDog has its foundations in the OOP and Internet-based ideas of the early 1990s. The firm has partnered with leading software developers, hardware and systems makers, ISPs, and others to bring our customers best-of-breed, intelligent internet infrastructure. Our goal is to supply you with high-value-added managed applications to ensure your customers and constituents have a fruitful internet experience.

Our History

BlueDog was founded in 1999 to provide application service provider services of WebObjects applications. The company's core offerings are based on products and projects developed by team members and partners over the last few years. In the early 1990s, BlueDog's team began using and developing advanced technologies as developers using NeXT tools, where modern Web applications originated.
There have been a few changes in the dot-com world since then, and BlueDog's founders have stayed abreast the arrivals and departures of technologies, vendors, trends and buzzwords. But there are always new opportunities and new challenges that BlueDog's team keep watch for -- and sort through new hype and obfuscation to keep our clients ahead of the curve.

Our Alliances

Apple: Cutting-edge Apple Computer found fame by making computing truly personal with the "for-the-masses" Macintosh. The Mac OS X ("ten") operating systems promises to revolutionize the desktop and enterprise, just as the fruit-colored iMac, the portable iBook, and QuickTime multimedia tools have. WebObjects is the original, and still most robust and flexible, web application server.
NeuroForge: As a software development company, NeuroForge is recognized in the industry for the same quality and craftsmanship that distinguishes object-oriented programming. They build high-performance software solutions, sparking changes in business that ignite higher levels of productivity and competitiveness. The company specialize in object-oriented languages and development environments, like Java and WebObjects, to create innovative e-business applications that capture market share as much as consumer attention.
Tekstreme: A leading data center provider with facilities in Canada.
StudioSendia: StudioSendai is a privately held Swiss company focused on software and new media development, working with Internet and Apple (Mac OS X Server, WebObjects) technologies to craft unique and powerful tools that deliver environments where people can learn and improve productivity.

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Our Philosophy

Our world is mired in data and we're asked to create more. And we are asked to help others understand and use such data so that it becomes useful information. How can we structure our ideas so they make a difference?
Ultimately, BlueDog wants to help you distribute your business processes and communication over the internet; allowing you to stay focused on what you do best. We believe in careful application of the best technologies and techniques in information architecture and application design. Anything less will not make our clients as competitive and effective as possible.

Meet the Team

BlueDog has a core group of technologists, strategists, and creative minds who guide our day-to-day operations, implementation of client solutions, and provide the vision that helps the firm grow.

Founder and CEO: Information architecture experience, including partnership and stakeholder relations. Recent accomplishments include securing unique $40 million license from world's third-largest software company -- for a pittance! In previous positions, landed clients such as Volkswagen, Prentice Hall, Lockheed, Bank of America.

Chief Technology Officer: Our CTO has more than 18 years experience in Unix and internetworking systems design and management. His expertise in security policy development and enforcement, architecting Unix-based software and hardware systems, and in high-level business process re-design.

Opportunity Wrangler: BlueDog's opportunity wrangler devises partnership alliances, liaisons with clients, strategic vendors and others who make up BlueDog's pool of interested stakeholders. Important skills include the ability to translate strategic plans into day-to-day operational success, and great communications skills.

UI Designer: To be a BlueDog User Interface Designer, expertise in information architecture, adherence to human-computer interface guidelines, and a creative flair are required. BlueDog's UI Designers use the latest in d/HTML authoring environments, multimedia tools such as Macromedia Flash and Apple's QuickTime. In addition, a feel for couching content in the most soothing of presentation frameworks is required.

Java Programmer: BlueDog's commitment to open standards begins with our preferred development web application deployment environment, WebObjects. Our Java programmers are 'code warriors' able to craft efficient applications fast, but with an economy of lines. Java programmers work hand-in-hand with UI designers and our systems architects so that business processes are translated into usable and fast programs that our customers access through a browser.