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BlueDog hosts an array of products
that leverage the best aspects of
n-tier applications deployed via
the World Wide Web in response
to the growing need to rapidly deploy
business-critical applications.

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Our products cover four categories: collaboration, knowledge management, digital asset management, and e-commerce.
Built upon the leading enterprise application serving technology of WebObjects, our evolving product set reflects BlueDog's commitment to powering the next wave of e-business by delivering intelligent internet infrastructure. [Details]

Our Technology

The WebObjects platform provides software infrastructure that works with the traditional network, systems and OS layers from Sun, HP, Microsoft and others. Our products give BlueDog's clients around the world the open, scalable solutions they need.

Collaboration: Teamwork Requires Good Tools

When you use BlueDog's collaboration tools, you get a new, scalable browser-based groupware solution built on top of WebObjects, the leading web application serving environment. Our hosted, managed solution gives you a user-friendly and cost-effective infrastructure for team management, messaging, personal and group event management, and on-line access to your documents and other project resources.
Being web-based, all your information is always with you, at the office, at home, on the road. An integrated messaging system lets you coordinate tasks among team members effectively.

Read about GroupVille from StudioSendai.

Knowledge base

BlueDog's knowledge base application is a customizable portal where organizations store content, and make use of the structure we provide to organize and manage this knowledge. Users access the presentation layer, which is in user-friendly and searchable format.
Organizations can use our knowledge base application for customer support self-help or help desk; FAQs; document management; SOP sharing; product or oroject documentation needs.

Digital asset management

With BlueDog's next-generation content management technology, your organization can take an enormous leap forward by allowing any subscriber, employee or consumer to receive exactly the right content at precisely the right time. At its core, our content management technology enables the automated deliver of text, images, graphics, and even digital audio and video to end users and consumers via the web.


BlueDog has built upon the latest technologies and integrated them into a customized application that serves your organization's specific e-commerce goals. BlueDog's hosted, managed application delivers a complete e-commerce solution, with robust system design, easy-to-navigate user interface, and utilities usually only found in million-dollar deployments.
Run from our server farm in our guarded data center, BlueDog's applications incorporate the five requisite functions of a successful e-commerce site: catalog/shopping cart, inventory management, customer profiling, ordering, shipping, and reporting.


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