BlueDog is an Application Service Provider hosting knowledge worker applications on our servers in guarded data centers in suburban Washington, DC, Toronto, Canada, and Dublin, Ireland. Our solutions are built with WebObjects, the original web application server. WebObjects runtime is written entirely in Java, running on virtually any Java 2 platform. With smart load-balancing, it is easy to scale our applications as necessary. Our pay-as-you-go business model means BlueDog solutions are very affordable. Our No Nerd Needed™ deployment means you can focus on what you do best, and leave the complex infrastructure management tasks to the experts.


BlueDog's e-commerce offering is a comprehensive suite of applications and frameworks for your organization's entire sales cycle-from on-line purchasing to electronic payment and order fulfillment. With our custom application frameworks, together with sophisticated feedback mechanisms and analytical capabilities, BlueDog allows you to quickly deploy an e-commerce solution that optimize the customer experience and encouraging repeat business.

Catalog and shopping cart, SSL and PKI ensure security in transactions, credit card validation, order tracking, drop ships from multiple vendors. Web traffic analysis features intuitive, browser-based reports that start with basic information and get more detailed the deeper you drill down. Use with our CRM tool.
Capture demographic information and generate target mail outs, e-mail messages, identify buying patterns and more. In addition, track how customers learned about your organization to see the effectiveness of advertising. Our frameworks also handle Refunds, Inventory, Credit Card Sales, and more.

Our solutions can include a comprehensive reporting tool that will provide you real time information on the following: Marketing Referrals; Payroll; Customers; Supplies; Inventory; Sales. Set parameters on inventory levels. Inventory is automatically ordered based on the rules we establish. The business manager and vendor are notified by receiving requests for the specific product(s) and needed quantities. Inventory for multiple stores is reported on and managed from a central location. Security is built into our frameworks that allow owners and managers to adjust inventory constraints.

CustomerHound synchronizes customer data across multiple channels in real time, so customers enjoy a highly personalized experience at every interaction on your web site. In addition, CustomerHound provides a central reference point for multiple communication channels across the organization, so interactions are personalized and help maximize the value potential of the customer.

First, BlueDog locates the gaps in your organization's current strategy and its execution, targeting short-term actions and specific programs to improve performance, and determine how our CRM solution can increase your organization's profits.

BlueDog analyzes customer retention, cross-sell and next-best offer opportunities, identifies characteristic traits of customers and groups them into manageable clusters to optimize economic returns from web applications using CustomerHound and our other offerings.

  Content Management
BlueDog's Content Management System (CMS) allows anyone with proper access to manage the content of your organization's site without needing to know HT ML. The system is designed to be easy to use and has various multi-user options.
With our CMS, the editing and uploading of content is done through a web browser. Text, pictures, hyper-links and order of content on any given page is very easy to add and modify. An image and digital video database makes mulitmedia management and filing organized and easy.

BlueDog's CMS uses an access privileges system, making it simple to control user access all parts of the web site. Pages or parts of the web can be protected by an access code so only the right people can view the information. Content changes can be easily made and a change will take affect in all appropriate places on the web site at the same time. The layout of a web site is very simple and the moving of pages and content between pages just require drag and drop. Every page is made of components. By using components, the user has the opportunity to structure the content of each page in any order. We can also develop style sheets or other functions for pages according to client demand.

  Knowledge Management
BlueDog builds knowledge management applications that are the essential tool for any organization to create, maintain, and share institutional knowledge. A knowledge base is an adaptable web portal where organizations store data and other content. It provides the structure to organize and manage this knowledge, and present it in a user-friendly and searchable format.

Our solution is an enterprise-level knowledge management tool at a fraction of the cost of traditional applications. Requiring only a web browser and an Internet connection, BlueDog provides an application online that empowers your customers, partners, and employees with the self-service ability to share and leverage knowledge.

Popular client applications include: Self-Help Customer Support; Help Desk; FAQs; Document Management; Procedures and Product Documentation.

Workgroup Management
BlueDog's collaboration and project management system enhances the collaboration within work groups and companies. Groupware products are no longer restricted to large companies and enterprises -- BlueDog's collaboration portal enables smaller companies, organizations and work groups with more than 10 persons to ecapitalize on the document sharing, messaging, team management and other multiuser aspects of on-line collaboration.

In contrast to many other packages, BlueDog's solution is completely web-based. Your files are not only available via an intranet, but also over the public Internet, securely accessed via SSL. All data is saved on a central server, backups and user access control are guaranteed. Thanks to passwords and different access layers, you only share items with users you really want to have access. For your private data, you have a personal storage area. All you need to run BlueDog's collaboration portal is a web browser.