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BlueDog hosts GroupVille from StudioSendai.


You want to collect and share all relevant information in one place in your organization – now you can with GroupVille!

GroupVille is a new, web-based groupware solution. GroupVille allows your organization or workgroup to share and retrieve knowledge – all from one central repository.

GroupVille is built for small work groups and organizations with a limited IT support budget in mind. GroupVille is easy to learn and use – and accessible from any modern web browser so you don't need to install anything on all your desktops.

A flexible component-based architecture makes it possible to handle your custom data in a straightforward way. These pre-built components are ready to use and allow you to be productive from day one:
- Store and collaborate on files
- Store and preview media files
- Discussion boards / black boards
- Share internal and Internet bookmarks
- People / contact management
- Data (access existing databases)[Details]

The Concept

Central services are the glue around these components – all accessible within the same web page:
The GroupVille calendar functions allow you to define simple or repeating events, share them with other users, send automated notifications to invited users and attach bookmarks.
You can also define a list of to do items, each with its own priority and deadline.
Using the integrated IM-like messaging system you can reach your buddies and co-workers without leaving your work environment.

Structure of the Application

Welcome page
When you login, you get all the important news right on your personal welcome page:
* Do I have any new or unread messages?
* What files and documents important to me have been updated?
* Any new invitations, appointments or open tasks on my to do list?

Contact Management
Never ever lose that phone number again: the contact manager gives you access to all other GroupVille users and contacts of your organization.You can add notes and bookmarks to any contact to ensure everybody in your organization is up-to-date.

Personal Projects
OK, you can collaborate and exchange data with GroupVille. But sometimes you just don't want to.
That's why GroupVille offers personal storage for your personal data. All GroupVille users get an automatically created personal project, and are free to create more.

Getting lost in piles of work? Let GroupVille sort the really important stuff and track it for you. Be notified whenever someone else changes or updates a GroupVille item you're interested in.

You can edit your personal subscriptions list at any time and always keep track of what's really important to you.