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Unmanned aerial vehicle has low cost, good flexibility, low risk and high efficiency. When it is applied in maritime supervision, such as maritime patrol, sea cruise, investigation and emergency response, maritime search and rescue, navigation channel measurement, monitoring and inspection of the oil and sewage spills from ships at sea, it can effectively expand the uses of monitoring sea areas, reduce the phenomenon of illegal use of sea, which can improve modernization construction in maritime supervision. According to the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) development and application, this paper explores the advantages of the UAV application in maritime administration, as well as the characteristics of maritime administration, put forward some countermeasures and suggestions of UAV applied in maritime administration.

As a modern telecraft, the technology on UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) has become maturing and widely used in the field of military affairs and civil purpose. Due to the good flexibility, high efficiency, low cost and damage, low risk, and excellent monitoring ability and widespread coverage, the UAV is capable of the waterborne supervision. Nowadays, the Maritime Safety Administrations and others are interested in using the UAV for the maritime supervision and monitoring of shipping traffic. For the characteristics of flexibility, timeliness, low coast, low consumption, low risk, strong monitor capability and widespread coverage of the UAV, it is very suitable for the services in maritime safety supervision, i.e., marine patrol and law enforcement, investigation and evidence collection, emergency response, maritime search and rescue, detection of the oil spill and pollution of ship discharge, patrol and examine of the buoy, survey of the channel.

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